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Delhi Shining (Post Common Wealth Games)

After spending more than two long years in Abu Dhabi, I have come back to my homeland India. India the land of dreams & aspirations.
India is developing with leaps & bounds, which now has become evident to the whole world. It really had showed the tremendous potential that it has to the even most revered nations around the globe. It’s a perfect time for the non residents like me to get back to their home who were forced to move overseas to follow their dreams for an improved and fulfilling future. This new age has set up a ray of hope, a wave of belief in most of our likes. I am really excited to get back here.
I will be spending a few days in Delhi & NCR, a few days in Chandigarh, before finally moving to Orissa, to take care of this new project.
I am living at one of my friend’s place in Gurgaon, which is said to be one of the fastest developing cities, around the whole NCR or sometimes the whole North India. The Government is planning to extend the existing metro lines to…