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Heat Number

Heat Number is an identification coupon number that is stamped on a metal plate after it is removed from the ladle and rolled at a steel mill.

Industry standards requires materials to be tested at the manufacturer's and the result to be submitted through a report, also called the Mill Sheet/ Mill Certificate/ or Mill Test Certificate.

A Heat Number is a unique identification code that a technician stamps on a metal plate to provide information about it's origins. 
Heat Number is the only way to trace a metal plate back to it's Mill Sheet, and therefore is a very important part of quality assurance and control.

There may be three/ four or five segments in a Heat Number.

1) The first digit indicates which furnace is used to prepare the batch of molten metal. 

2) The next two digits tells about the year of casting.

3) The next two/ three digits describes the number of casting that year by the furnace. (Batch No.)

4) Heat number can have more segments to provide information about the …

Interview Questions

Interview Questions for Materials Management Positions

Q. We would like to know about the related experience you have in Instrumentation Projects ? Basically I have a total experience of 11 years, in which I have worked in a number different kinds of Projects, which includes Power Generation Projects, Power Transmission & Distribution Projects, Infrastructure Development Projects like Highway or Civil Construction Projects, I have worked in the Oil & Gas sector for very long time. I have experience of working in four different Refinery Projects so far, out of which two were in Abu Dhabi & one was in Iraq.
I may not have a lot of experience in the Instrumentation department particularly, but I think I have a lot of related experience, as I have worked in many electrical projects, and refinery projects as well. Also I am qualified in Electrical Engineering, which I forgot to mention earlier, I have diploma in Electrical Engineering.
What I’ll do is, I’ll tell you about the kind …