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Stock Markets (Know How)

"Stock Markets" 
They are still interpreted as "Panic Rooms" by many rational vertebrates of my kind.
Such is the fear, that it almost took 30 years of my life to enter this paradigm for real.
One fine morning, I got up from bed and refused to be feared any more and command my innerself  "let there be light"
And for the same reason, I want to share some of the enlightenment that I got with the help of our very own and respected, "The Omniscient and Omnipotent Baba Google".
Bolo Google Maharaj ki Jai.

So hereby listing some of the most important terms along with their basic definitions and concepts related to our virtual Panic Rooms. Hope it will be beneficial to everyone interested.

A Stock market is the market that people use to trade (buy or sell) shares, which are like small pieces of the company that a person can own.
The value of the share depends on how many people want to buy it and how many people are selling it. 
If many people want to buy a st…