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The Author

Success and Excuses do not talk to each other. 

If u give Excuses, forget about Success. 

If u want Success, do not give Excuses.


Self motivated business professional with Thirteen years of experience in Supply Chain Operations in Power, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas industries.

Accustomed to handling sensitive, confidential records. Demonstrated history of producing accurate, timely reports concerning stringent management system and guidelines.

Wide exposure of piping materials used in Onshore projects.

Extensive knowledge of Electrical equipment/ apparatus used in Power and T&D projects.

Good experience of raw materials used in Infrastructure projects.

Identifying and investigating inventory variances. Reconciliation of materials, Identification of Slow & Non moving & Scrap materials.

Stock verification, dispatch of Non moving or dormant or surplus materials to other project sites as per the requirements.

Forecasting demand using historical project data & experience. Coordination with end users, planning and purchase departments for immediate response to requirements at site.


Areas of Expertise

  1. Materials Management
  2. Forecasting Demand
  3. Perpetual Inventory
  4. Warehouse Control
  5. Materials Codification & Cataloging
  6. Product Assortment
  7. Warehouse Design & Layout
  8. ERP Implementation
  9. Pilferage Control
  10. Logistics Management
  11. Vendor Developing
  12. Scrap Disposal

Professional Acquaintances

Una Oil Group
January - 2015 to Present

A group of companies providing diverse range of industrial solutions to the energy sector in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.
Including Greenfield & Brownfield Engineering & Construction, Workforce Solutions, Operations & Maintenance.

IL&FS Engineering & Construction Company
February - 2011 to November - 2014

A multinational infrastructure development, Construction & Project Management Company executing projects under various domains such as Buildings & Structures, Transportation, Water, Energy & BOT in India & abroad.

Punj Lloyd Limited
August - 2005 to February - 2011

A global conglomerate providing integrated design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management services in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors, with operations spread across the Middle East, Africa, The Caspian, Asia Pacific and South Asia. 


Diploma in Electrical Engineering
2002 - 2005

Punjab State Board of Technical Education
Chandigarh College of Engineering & Technology, Chandigarh, India

Senior Secondary Certificate Examination
2000 - 2002

Central Board of Secondary Education
Government Senior Secondary School, Chandigarh, India

Secondary Certificate Examination
1990 - 2000

Central Board of Secondary Education
Kendriya Vidayalaya, Chandigarh, India


Certified Supply Chain & Logistics Professional
January - 2013

Vskills, Intelligent Communication Systems India Limited
Delhi State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation
Telecommunications Consultants India Ltd.

Certificate Course in Primavera 6.0
June - 2010

CADD Centre Training Services, Chandigarh, India

Certificate Course in Microsoft Project
June - 2010

CADD Centre Training Services, Chandigarh, India

Diploma in Mechanical CADD (Mechanical Auto CADD & Solidworks)
June - 2010

CADD Centre Training Services, Chandigarh, India

Industry Experience

Oil & Gas Projects

Materials Controller / Warehouse Coordinator
Basrah, Iraq
Client - Basrah Gas Company (BGC)

Project Scope - Rehabilitation of Iraq South Gas Facilities - West Qurna Gas Interface Facilities CS-7 & CS-8

Job Profile :

Responsible for receipt of goods & materials at degassing stations CS-7 & CS-8.

Identifying all shortages, damages, discrepancies and follow through for resolution to suppliers and buyers.

Allocating each piece of material with a specific area / rack within the warehouse.

Coordinate for stock transfers across different sites, ensuring synergy and efficiencies are maintained and leveraged.

Conducting periodic physical inventory counts.

Forecasting demand, reporting list of critical materials to the management on regular time intervals to enable them to take timely buying decisions.

Designing and generating weekly, monthly, annual MIS & Statistical reports.

Supervising that the materials are packed and stored in a safe manner during the transit, loading / unloading and warehousing process.    

Materials Coordinator (Projects)
Habshan, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Client - Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd. (GASCO)

Project Scope - GASCO's Nitrogen Generation & Injection (Mixed Case) Project

Job Profile :

Acting as a front-line interface between the user departments, purchasers, suppliers & vendors to provide smooth functioning of operations.

Sourcing Planning, including current inventory and forecast demand, in collaboration with buyers and suppliers.

Cutback of unprofitable inventory and reduction in supply costs.

Inbound Operations, including transportation from suppliers and receiving inventory.

Constant follow ups regarding materials required at different project sites. Planning the dispatch according to the site requirement.

Ensuring On-Time Delivery by coordinating with Execution, Planning and Purchase departments. Preparing comparative statements. 

Thorough scrutiny and reconciliation to acquire Four Way Matching. Inbound and Outbound Logistics arrangements.

Segregation of materials according to Isometric drawings, maintaining optimum stock levels.

Controlling, segregation and maintaining inventory of fabricated spools and pipe supports. 

Materials Coordinator (Projects)
Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Client - Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (BOROUGE)

Project Scope - BOROUGE-2 Utilities and Offsite Project.

Job Profile :

Responsible for coordination with client, materials take-off, dispatched according to isometric drawings and plan the release of the same to different subcontractors as per the distribution of isos.

Controlling and maintaining inventory of 350,000 Mtrs. of Metal Pipes ranging from 3/4 inch to 80 inch diameter, 18000 MT of Structural Steel, Heavy plant equipment including flares, vessels, pumps, reactors, turbines, transformers, compressors etc.

Through scrutiny and follow up into transportation and logistics relating to distribution of pipes and fittings to different subcontractors.

Strategically manage the movement and storage of materials. 

Reconciliation, cataloging and MIS Reports.

Engineer (FIM Bulks / Inventory)
Paradip, Orissa, India
Client - Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)

Project Scope - IOCL's Paradip Refinery Project.

Job Profile :

Performing materials handling, and offloading of FIM bulks.

Receiving, Inspection and segregation of bulks under PMC witness.

Setting up materials control system to establish accountability, traceability and surplus.

Care, custody and preservation of FIM bulk materials.

Colour coding of pipes for proper identification, greasing of unpreserved valve and flange faces, oiling bolts & nuts to prevent atmospheric contamination.

Establish a quarantine area for non conforming FIM bulk materials.

Power Projects

Assistant Manager (Warehouse/ Inventory)
South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India
Client - West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (WBSEDCL)

Project Scope - Rural Electricity Infrastructure and Household Electrification in villages of West Bengal under Backward Rural Grants Fund (BRGF) Scheme.

Job Profile :

Generating timely Stock Alerts and Re-Order Requisitions.

Maintaining right amounts of Buffer Stocks.

Identification / Calculation of Re Order Levels (ROL).

Liaise with buyers, expediters and end users for timely replenishment of stocks, rescheduling deliveries, avoiding Over Stocking and Stock Out situations.

Tracking Slow Moving / Non Moving Inventory. Preparing Ageing Analysis of materials.

Diverting dormant items to other project warehouses and sites.

Take actions to resolve supply shortfalls, escalate issues. Taking care of Reverse Logistics.

Plan Warehouse Layout and space requirements in order to prevent any loss or damage.

Inventory Coordinator (Power Projects)
Orissa & West Bengal, India
Client - Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)

Project Scope - Rural Electrification Works for districts of Orissa & West Bengal under Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojna (RGGVY) Scheme.

Job Profile :

Looking after simultaneous inventory coordination and consolidation of various RE Packages spread across Orissa and West Bengal regions.

Conducting periodic audits, inventory classification and reconciliation.

Setting up of a transparent warehouse operation system to trace and track every individual article in detail.

Setting up of a seamless integrated information flow system.

Screening, hiring, training, evaluating employee performances and taking disciplinary action for warehouse personals.

Reviewing and monitoring department reports, records and documentation and determining necessary changes for overall department improvement and efficiency.

Infrastructure Projects

Engineer (Project Warehouse/ Inventory)
Jhalawar, Rajasthan, India
Client - Road Infrastructure Development Company of Rajasthan (RIDCOR)

Project Scope - Construction of 90 Kms, Two Lane State Highway Road Project from Baran to Jhalawar district of Rajasthan.

Job Profile :

Leading two separate camps at a distance of 50 Kms apart from each other spread across the entire stretch.

Maintaining perpetual inventory system for huge quantity of Raw Materials like Bituminous mixes, Stone Chips, Sand, Dust, Cement, Reinforcement Bars, Emulsions, Diesel, Furnace Oil etc.

ERP controlling in handling and upkeep of spare parts and lubricants for a large fleet of equipment. Maintaining FIFO System.

Dismantling of whole camps and Resale of Scrap by calling for quotations from vendors and preparing comparative statements.

Assistant Engineer (Project Warehouse/ Inventory)
Chhabra, Rajasthan, India
Client - Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Limited (RRVUNL)

Project Scope - Construction of (2 X 250) MW Chhabra Thermal Power Plant on EPC Basis.

Job Profile :

Maintaining Inventory of huge quantities of raw materials like Structural Beams, Reinforcement Bars, Cement, Aggregate, Sand etc.

Segregation and assortment, Inventory verification of different categories of products like Switchgears, Transformers, Panels, Cable Trays, Scaffolding, Spare Parts and Consumables.

Supplier Invoice Certification, coordination with purchase and finance teams for any concerns about materials supply, documentation or payment issues.

Identification of Fast Moving and Slow Moving items and maintaining minimum and maximum level of critical / high value items.

Trainee Engineer (Project Warehouse/ Inventory)
Raigarh, Chattisgarh, India
Client - Jindal Power Limited (JPL)

Project Scope - Construction of (4 X 250) MW Super Thermal Power Plant on EPC Basis.

Job Profile :

Invoice certification of subcontractors and vendors, monthly materials reconciliation of subcontractors, raising Debit Notes.

ERP materials receipt, physical inspection, stacking, issuing, condition monitoring.

Day to day reporting to planning and PM, generating MIS Reports.

Economic introduction of effective 3PLs for transferring Asset Class Inventories to other Project Sites.

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