Sunday, April 25, 2010

India's Reply To Brain Drain

Has it ever occurred to anyone's mind that why we Indians are always so much attracted to work and live in distant far off lands quitting the warmth and comfort of our very own home and don’t even give it any second thoughts before leaving all our loved ones behind.
Can't we turn the drift the other way round ??
Why don’t people from other countries prefer to come to India, as we remain captivated towards the western countries?
If we want India to emerge as a shining beacon of the 21st Century, then we have to build such a Global Community, where the most talented people from all over the Globe can come and contribute to the progress and at the same time feel like home. We should make arrangements to attract such vast talent pools from all across the globe. People from all nationalities should get lured to study, work or travel in India.
We have to grow our societies to such standards, where there would be no place for orthodoxy or conservativeness. We should start treating all the citizens as equal; there should be no place for any discrimination based on Caste or Religion. The deep ravine between the opposite sexes should be eliminated completely, and both the sexes should get equal opportunities to move ahead and make their own identities. We have to rise above the outdated doctrines of our society.
We should be enough self-conscious and self-aware of our surroundings, our environment, become logical, become broad-minded.
And the only thing in my knowledge that can infuse all this positivity in us is Education.
We the mob, the common man, of India is still so much preoccupied within themselves to make the ends meet, to earn a better livelihood for himself and his family or his coming generations, that they are forced to leave their beloved motherland much reluctantly in quest of better opportunities.
Why can’t we create those opportunities here ? That environment here ?
Entrepreneurs and Government should join hands to make India a better place. In other words to create such a world-class environment, India needs to undergo a rapid and intense Capitalism in every phase.
This is the only way that we can bring our stolen Kohinurs back to us, and will be able to reverse the order of Brain Drain effectively in generations to come.