Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Dandi March

Though I myself have not been able to join the movement (India against corruption) physically, I have been an ardent supporter of the cause. 
I strongly see eye to eye with Baba that there is no other way to teach these political goons a lesson other than boycotting them on their each and every move & occasion.
As we already seen that conducting peaceful congregations & hunger strikes are doing no good and nobody seem to be impressed anymore. 
I believe that to bring the movement to the next level, we need take some much more strong & extreme steps.
I insist that Baba Ramdev , Anna, Kiran Bedi, Kejrival all of them should come together forgetting about the differences if they have any along with all their supporters, for a fully-fledged mission on this Independence Day.

All of us should be ready to boycott any Independence Day celebrations managed by the government. None of us should be involved or attend the Govt. celebrations on this Independence Day. None of us should go to India Gate to witness the Parade or to the Red Fort to listen to the Honorable Prime Minister’s Speech.
And there’s a pretty good reason for doing that. We cannot feel free and are definitely not independent as long as we don’t get rid of these wretched politicians.
India has already witnessed one Dandi March during the revolution for Independence in 1930 in the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi to prove their right over the ‘Salt’ produced by them. The time has come again when we need pay the same salt’s debt.

Another Dandi March is the call of the Time. This time it has to start from the Historical India Gate and all of us should walk to Red Fort so that we can reach there just at the time when our honourable Prime Minister prepares to deliver his much awaited speech. And there in front whole world we should disclose the truths about the injustice and corruption we want india to be free of, so that the whole world comes to know about our problems.
The government might not listen to its residents, but it has bow in front of international pressure.