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Orthodoxy of the Modern Indian Society

The recent controversy over the marriage of Sania Mirza with the Pakistani cricketer Shoib Mallick, has a lot to teach us. My aim in writing this post is not to comment on Sania’s or anyone else’s status, but I want to take this opportunity to register my reactions over the hypocrisy of our modern society.
It evidently showed how liberal we Indians are! We feel proud to call ourselves modern; we want to see ourselves at par with the most developed societies of the world, yet how deeply we still credit the social dogma. We pretend ourselves as congruent and broadminded, but the truth is we still haven’t got rid of the orthodoxy largely rooted inside our conservative & narrow minds.
We made such hue & cry over the whole issue that almost made the union look like a threat to our national security, and even went on to claim her citizenship cancelled, and to forbid her to play for India in future.
How can we forget the contributions of this young girl so easily? There were moments when we used to cheer for her, used to follow her every move in the court with exultation. She made us proud, became role model for the younger generation.
But are we so impudent, that we wouldn’t even allow someone to choose her own life partner just because she is a girl, who inadvertently brought herself into limelight by achieving so much at this little age. I am certain if there would be a man, in Sania’s place the responses would have been totally opposite. However then we could have faced the same arrogance & rejection from Pakistan’s side.
It’s just that we are still held so tightly with the blimpish traditional ideas that we can’t tolerate when some girl achieves something extraordinary, or revolts against the society to follow their own dreams or aspirations. We just cannot take it; it’s too much for our male dominant egos.
I think we still need to grow up a lot. I am surprised to see that even educated people reacted so indifferently to her, as she has committed some grave crime. How long will it take us to finally overcome all this negativity and emerge as an intellectual & civilized society of the modern world? How long will it take us to get over such boundaries of sex or religion or domain? How long will it take us finally to be truly democratic? How long will it take us to realize that these deep scars on the face of our society can only be cured with the therapeutic social equality?
Today we have so many burgeoning problems staring us on the face calling for global support & fraternity but we are still fighting over such petty issues.
Problems such as Global warming, Climate change, Water & Energy scarcity, Food shortages, Economic Crisis is directly confronting the very existence of life on earth, these problems can only be sought after when all of us work together as global citizens. We are all earthlings, a single human race, we shouldn’t fight over these negligible differences of looks or virtues.
This is high time if we don’t comprehend now, there is every possibility that we can be eliminated soon like the Atlantians.

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