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Why Don’t People Care

My inspiration in writing this post came mostly from these “3 IDIOTS” I call my friends, I met during my tenure at UAE, in spite of our vastly contrasting ideas we stick together for quite a long time. I’ll miss them when they are gone.
I work in a Multinational EPC (Engineering, Construction, Procurement) Company, far from my homeland here in UAE. Most of my peers are qualified engineers or they call themselves so!!!!
QUALIFIED huh? I don’t know I may be wrong? But I strongly feel that being qualified or well educated is not only about gaining success for you, or making good money, but it also brings a lot of social responsibilities upon you, I mean you should consider yourself far better & fortunate than the herds of people who have not been able to get proper education, or had chosen to remain illiterate for some reason. If these people behave ignorantly, it is understood & obvious.
But what would we say to people who call themselves educated & yet behave like they don’t care about the world, they are happy within themselves, just themselves. Matters which concerns only them or their immediate surroundings (family or friends). They never care to think about in a broader perspective. Today we all have access to what is happening around the world 24X7 through means of TV or Internet. We are well aware of the problems our civilization is facing today but we still don’t care as if everything that is going on does not at all requires any attention or concern on an individual scale.
My point here is that today we the earthlings are on the verge of catastrophe; we are running out of fossil fuels to support our economies and still are decades away to effectively harnessing any other potential renewable source of energy that can replace them. But we don’t seem to care as long as we have the electricity to our disposal, almost taking it granted that this is going to last forever, while we actually know the truth is just the opposite. The combustion of fossil fuels for power generation alone accounts for 47% of earth's green house gases. So saving electricity does not only means saving it for future generations, we can effectively reduce our carbon footprints as well.
Over the years we have unwisely exploited all our limited reserves of sweet water, now to almost extinction & here we are with water tables around the world going dangerously low. People in some remote reaches of world who never had the access to safe drinking water or proper sanitation just because they don’t have enough water, they know the true value lies within this compound of hydrogen & oxygen. But we the so called educated people never seem to care the least about saving water or reducing its consumption. We sure have deprived our coming generations of such a basic necessity as water.
Today we are running out of the soothing environment that maintains the required atmospheric pressure (without which the blood in our veins would boil & evaporate) & protects us from the detrimental stellar radiations, in the wake of harmful CFCs & GHGs.
Most of us today know that the earth’s temperature is rising at an alarming rate and we need to keep this eventual warming under 2 Celsius. Above this level of warming (or maybe even over 1.5 Celsius), we will dramatically change global patterns of storms and droughts, and see significant rise in sea levels, Climate change has to be dealt with now as never before.
Yet people seem to care the least about these imminent conundrums. They just want their lives to be perfect, to hell with everything else, & they call themselves educated!!
Most of us still would plainly say they don’t even need to care about all this as nothing of that sort is ever going to happen in their lifetimes. And if decades later something of sort really happens science would have made so much progress by then that we will have many new alternatives or solutions.
How sleazy & irrational it is to hear something like that from someone who calls themselves educated human beings? We just don’t want to change our flashing lifestyles, even if it is going to cost the elimination of the whole species.
My point here is that we cannot wait for others to find solutions for the mess we have created or creating. All of us are equally responsible for our carbon footprints and nobody else but only we can & have to make arrangements to reduce it and not only that we should as well inspire & educate people around us to do the same, which is also my aim in writing this post.
The very science that enabled us to pollute our airs by the industrial revolutions & warfare & has threatened our very existence on the planet could also come to our rescue in this grave scenario if properly adhered.
Without any further delay we need to think deeply over all these issues and have to strongly monitor our actions, so that we can sustain our coming generations and make mother earth as an easy place to live in as it is for us.
REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE are the new law of cosmos. We have to abide by it at any cost.
This is high time, we have ignored the urge for long enough, let’s do something now.
Let’s Start Caring……

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